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Hello April (Snow) Showers


Apart from the normal doom and gloom that Monday mornings seem to produce, commuters in north Idaho had to start their day navigating what appeared to be a snow storm this morning.

Snow was sticking all over Highway 95 and it’s various side roads as the sun was rising, causing traffic to slow down and drivers to be bummed out.

“I was hoping to start taking my dogs for a walk,” complained Joane Schilling, who was pulled to the side of Cougar Gulch Road waiting to carpool. “They’re tired of this weather.”

This past weekend, Schilling almost took off her snow tires, but decided to wait one more week. Residents of Idaho have the option of keeping on their tires, as studs are legal until May 1. Those who still haven’t changed their tires in Washington have been driving illegally for 10 days.

With rain and sunshine expected this week, the snow isn’t expected to stick very long around Highway 95, but for now it sits as a reminder that we’re not quite finished with one of the harshest winters in recent memory.


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