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Idaho Supreme Court Justice Eismann to retire in August

Idaho Supreme Court justice Justice Daniel Eismann has announced he is retiring from the high court after serving over thirty years in the Idaho judiciary.

His retirement is effective at the end of August.

Upon graduating from the University of Idaho, College of law in 1976, Eismann began his legal career working as a law clerk for the Idaho Supreme Court.  He returned to the High Court twenty-five years later, this time as a newly elected justice.

In the interim, he engaged in general practice, served for eight-and-a-half years as the magistrate judge in Owyhee County, and for over 5 years as a district judge in Ada County.

Throughout his career, Eismann helped create Children’s Voices, an organization to recruit, train, and oversee guardians ad litem to represent the interests of neglected and abused children in court proceedings.

While serving as a district judge, he was successful in helping establish a drug court in Ada County in 1998.

To fill a midterm vacancy, a new justice will be appointed by the governor to replace Eismann from a list of two to four names provided by the Idaho Judicial Council.  The justice will serve out the remainder of the unexpired term, which ends in January 2019.  A nonpartisan election to elect a justice for the next six-year term will be held in May 2018. (Idaho Supreme Court)

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