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Kendall Yards continues to grow


Kendall Yards has become one of Spokane’s hottest neighborhoods, and it keeps on growing.

Greenstone Corporation, the developer of the Kendall Yards neighborhood, says the market has been really strong for both commercial and residential development, they say the new amenities will serve not only Kendall Yards, but the surrounding neighborhoods too.

“We didn’t want to have to do lawns anymore or snow plow,” said Aaron Chipley, who has lived in Kendall Yards for about six years.

He’s excited about the new development going into his neighborhood.

“It’s really good for us, we’re kind of semi, semi-retired,” he explained, “but it’s good for us. Everything is so convenient for us when we have company from out of town or we just want to catch a quick bite, we have a lot of options.”

And Kendall Yards developers say those options are expanding.

“The market has been really strong for residential development,” explained Jim Frank with Greenstone Corporation. “It’s been really strong for commercial development.”

Greenstone Corporation says it just opened the Summit Medical Building. The primary tenants are Providence Medical Services and Columbia Medical.

“It’s good to have primary care medical services in the West Central Neighborhood,” Frank said.

By June, Greenstone plans to have a new grocery store open, called My Fresh Basket. Greenstone promises creating new concepts in grocery store services like cooking classes and more prepared food options.

“They’ll provide groceries for not only Kendall Yards but West Central, the whole growing downtown housing community that’s happening,” he said.

On the residential side, Greenstone expects to have sixty new residential units available this year.

“It’s a really special niche,” said Aaron, talking about his neighborhood. “You can look at apartments and other subdivisions, but this is definitely unique for sure.”

Greenstone is also building a new mixed use building. The main tenant will be Maryhill Winery. That project will include a tasting room and reception facility overlooking the river.


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