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Kenworthy hosts educational event

The Kenworthy Performing Arts Center, through its “Food for Thought” film series, aims to educate through entertainment.

September’s film, titled “Keep the Hives Alive,” focuses on bee-toxic pesticides and the overall decline of pollinating bees.

The “Keep the Hives Alive Tour” was founded in June 2016 to bring awareness about the declining pollinators, sharing stories from bee-keepers negatively impacted by the continued use of pesticides and urging Congress to take action, according to the Kenworthy’s website.

After the film, a panel of local experts will hold a question and answer session on pollinator health and the importance of bees in the ecosystem, according to the website.

The film is at 7 p.m. Wednesday at the Kenworthy Performing Arts Center. They are partnering with the University of Idaho Sustainability Center, and admission is free.

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