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One Week After Irma, Floridians Pick Up The Pieces

It’s been one week since Hurricane Irma hit Southwestern Florida. Residents in Collier County, where the storm made landfall after the Florida keys, are in the early stages of the recovery process still cleaning up debris, wading through floodwaters, struggling to get gas, and trying to get by without electricity. It will take months to fully assess the damage, and the rebuilding process could take years. Yet already they are looking ahead to the next steps. They are figuring out how to continue with their lives amidst the devastation. Immokalee, Fla. In the agricultural community of Immokalee, about 50 miles east of Naples, Olga Garza, shuffled through water surrounding her house. She’s lived there for 37 years, and this is only the second time it’s flooded. The first was when Hurricane Harvey hit. The entire property is covered in at least six inches of water. “It’s not draining. It’s just standing here,” she says. “And you can smell it.” She said she’s called the county and no one

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