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The Real Sacagawea

Sacagawea has been popping up in popular media more and more lately, take her involvement in the “Night at The Museum” Movie Franchise for instance, but who was she really? And how is she connected to Dolley Madison? And why, as a Shoshone Woman herself, did she know a Nez Perce woman by the name Watkuese? Find out all that and more in this video!
List Entries: 22, 78, 126, and 117
Link to Purchase “Who Was Sacagawea?” by Dennis B Fraden on Barnes and Noble:
Link to Purchase “Who Was Sacagawea?” By Dennis B Fraden on Amazon:
Link to Purchase “Lewis and Clark, a Prairie Dog for the President” by Shirley Raye Redmond on Barnes and Noble:
Link to Purchase “Lewis and Clark, a Prairie Dog for the President” by Shirley Raye Redmond on Amazon:
Link to Dolley Madison’s Biography Page on The First Ladies’ Website:
Link to an article pertaining to Watkuese:
Link to Sacagawea’s page on Biography:
Link to Sacagawea’s page on the National Parks Service website:
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Link to a list of all the Historical Landmarks involving Sacagawea:

Historical Landmarks

Link to a page on Jean-Baptiste Charbonneau:
Link to Jean-Baptiste Charbonneau’s Page on PBS:
Link to Lisette Charbonneau’s Page on Find a Grave:
Link to the Nez Perce page on PBS:
Link to the Shoshone Page on PBS:
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Come back next week to hear the explanation on why Adolf Hitler, Margaret Sanger, and Abraham Lincoln are all connected to the Third Reich.

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